Batting 1000 Thanks The Robbie Levine Foundation

Posted by Batting 1000 Academy on Mar 04 2014 at 08:19PM PST

Batting 1000 would like to thank the Robbie Levine Foundation for donating an AED to our facility. We are so appreciative and grateful and thank you for thinking of us. We will continue to support all the work that you do in making youth athletics safe.

The Robbie Levine Foundation works to increase awareness of the need for and importance of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in saving lives, particularly in youth athletics and advance Robbie’s love of sports and giving nature by supporting youth sports programs.

1. To educate the public and youth sports leagues as to the importance of AEDs in saving lives, with the goal of making defibrillators standard equipment in all youth athletics programs.

2. To work to ensure that AEDs in public places are located in the most appropriate and accessible sites.

3. To raise awareness of the need for cardiac screenings in children to reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death and help save lives.

4. Provide funding to enable youth groups, including but not limited to youth athletics, to purchase and be trained in the use of AEDs.

5. Financially support a baseball team or league in a low-income area and provide the team or league with a defibrillator and the necessary training for its use.

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